Wire Tracker-NF-818

NF-818 Wire Tracker for BNC and monitoring cables is our latest product. It used to trace coaxial cable and metal lines, to test the status of the cables,identify wirefault and can trace single conducting wire. Thus, it is the ideal tool for cabling and maintenance, and it is widely used in the field of cabling and maintenance for coaxial cable and monitoring cable.

♦The brand new Tone Generator and Probe breaks the defect of the traditional wire trackers for the poor anti-interference and loud noise. It can avoid the interference of strong current,daylight lamp,indicator and other charged devices.

To quickly find the target wire or cable among the plenty of BNC cable,monitoring line and other various kinds of wires; 
No need to strip the wire when trace the metal cables,easily,quickly and can identify the location of break cables.

To perform cable tracking on video and monitors with power-on.

To find any kind of mental cables.

To connect the monitoring line and telephone cable directly with two of the crocodile clips,which avoid the trouble of 
making monitor connector.

To sequence the BNC line and monitoring line.

Model NF-818
Power Supply DC 9V battery
The max working current Emitter ≤ 10mA
Receiver ≤ 30mA
Distance of signal transmission 3km
Sensibility The distance of detection can be changed from 
0 to 150mm with strong anti-interference ability
Appearance dimension Emitter 126x49x34mm
Receiver 175x42x27mm
Whole set 270x168x48mm
Weight Emitter 0.085kg
Receiver 0.079kg
Whole set 0.580kg
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