Multi-Network Cable Tester MS6810



This instrument can be test 10 Base-T, EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B,AT&T258A and Token Ring cables.
Just connect RJ45  or BNC cable to the tester, and switch it on, it will tell you if the cable is correctly wired. If the cable is shielded, you may check the cable's integrity
It comes with a 9V battery and a nylon carrying bag.

♦The multi-network cable tester is widely used for Coaxial Cable (BNC),UTP and STP Cable.
♦The net cable tester can automatically check for open circuits, shorts,miswires,and reversals.

Test for 10Base-T, EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B, AT&T258A, and Token Ring Cable.
SHIELD detection tests a cable’s shield integrity.
Easy to read fault display and high speed testing.

The tester part: 11x7x2.50CM
The terminal:6x3.5x2.5CM
Shipping Weight: 2.00 LBS

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