Multi-functions Cable Tracker MS6813

♦Testing Coaxial Cable (BNC)
♦Testing 10Base-T, T568A, T568B, Token Ring
♦Testing cables’ shield integrity
♦Judge continuity of the cables or wires
♦Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point
♦Receive the tone signal on the cables or wires (telephone line)
♦Identify the state in the working telephone line (clear, ringing, busy)
♦Send a single solid or a dual alternating tone to the target cables or wires.
♦Send tone frequency: 1.5kHz
♦Receive frequency: 100Hz~ 300kHz
Power Supply 2×9V 6F22
Product Size 211mm×84mm×55mm/8.3×3.3”×2.1”
Product Weight 400g/0.9lb
Category CE
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