4 in 1 network cable tester NF3468

The 4 in 1 cable tester measures 4 common LAN and computer cables. It tests installed cables or patch cords with RJ-45,RJ-11,1394,USB and BNC connectors. It's intended to test cables with straight through connections not cables with reversed or transposed connctions like some LAN crossover cables or reverse wired telephone cables. 
♦Test 5 types of cables
♦Simple one button test
♦Ergonomic portable handheld design
♦Tests installed wiring or patch cables
♦Remote unit stores in main unit
♦600 ft test distane(RJ-45/RJ-11/BNC)
♦Convenient battery access
♦Built in battery access
♦LEDs indicate connections and faults
♦Beeper provides audible annunciation of test results
♦Tests shielded(STP) or unshielded(UTP) LAN cables
♦Test shields in 1394 and USB cables
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