Circuit Analyzer MS5908

MS5908 Circuit Analyzer to identify wiring problems that can lead to personal shock hazards,electrical fires,or equipment performance issues.

♦Ture RMS
♦Measures voltage:line,ground-to-neutral,peak,frequency.
♦Measures voltage drop under 5,8 and 10-amp loads.
♦Measures hot,neutral and ground conductor impedances.
♦Identifies proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles.
♦Tests RCD for proper operation.
♦Tests GFCI for proper operation.

Measurement Ranges Resolution Accuracy
Line voltage 85.0~265.0V 0.1V ±(1.0%+0.2V)
Neutral-ground V 0.0~10.0V 0.1V ±(2.5%+0.2V)
Peak line voltage 121.0~374.0V 0.1V ±(1.0%+0.2V)
Frequency 45.0~65.0HZ 0.1HZ ±(1.0%+0.2HZ)
% voltage drop 0.1%~99.9% 0.10% ±(2.5%+0.2%)
Voltage loaded 10.0~265.0V 0.1V ±(2.5%+0.2V)
Impedance-hot 0.00~3.00 0.01 ±(2.5%+0.02)
Neutral,&ground >3.00   unspecified
RCD trip time 1ms~6.500s 1ms ±(1.0%+2ms)
RCD trip current 30mA 0.1mA ±(1.0%+0.2mA)
GFCI trip time 1ms~6.500s 1ms ±(1.0%+2ms)
GFCI trip current 60mA 0.1mA ±(1.0%+0.2mA)
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