Thermocuple Calibrator MS7220


MS7220 Thermocouple Calibrator is a precise sourse and measurement tool for calibrating thermocouple instruments through a thermocouplemini jack. The calibrator can be indicated in units of ℃,℉, or mV.


♦Measure temperature from Thermocouple output
♦Simulate TC output
♦Operable with eight types of thermocouples (8 TC types; J K T E N R S B per NIST175 and ITS -90 )
♦Calibrate linear TC
♦Transmitter with mV source function
♦Selectable ℉ or ℃
♦Cold junction compensate selectable

Specification MS7220
Range Measure/ simulate thermocouple
-200 to 1800℃,depending on type
Measure/ simulate mV
        -10 to 75mV
Resolution 0.1℃ 0.01mV
Accuracy ±(0.3℃+10uV) ±0.02%
Weight Approx.350g(including battery)  
Size 190mm×89mm×42mm  
Battery Single 9V battery ANSI/NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR619V  

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