Multi-function Process Calibrator MS7212

Take along the new Mastech MS7212 Multifunction Process Calibrator, and you're equipped to test and calibrate almost any process parameter. Measure and source mA, volts, temperature, frequency, ohms,etc.
♦Measure V,.mA,Ω,frequency, temperature,40000reading max
♦ource V,mA,frequency, high resolution, voltage and current is scaled up in 0 to 99 steps,
♦With PC photoelectricity interface, transferthe results to a PC, save and print transfered data and data waveform inspecial sofiware.
♦With measure and source two functions,show and control in double display.
♦32function keys and numeric keys,setup and modify source value by numeric keys in source mode.
♦Output powerL 15V 25mA
♦Size: 224mm×172mm×59mm
♦Batteries: 8×1.5VAA,1×1604A 6LR61(9V)
Measure(DMM) Source
Range (full scale) Accuracy(% of reading+digits) Range (full scale) Accuracy(%of reading+% of full scale)
400.00mV DC 0.025%+10 100.000mV DC 0.025%+0.03%
4.0000V DC 0.025%+5 5.0000V DC 0.025%+0.02%
40.000V DC 0.025%+5 15.000V DC 0.025%+0.02%
300.00V DC 0.025%+5 25.000mA 0.02%+0.02%
400.00mV AC 0.7%+20 20Hz~5000Hz 0.02%
4.0000V AC 0.7%+10    
40.000V AC 0.7%+10    
300.00V AC 0.7%+10    
400.00mA DC 0.1%+10    
400.00mA AC 0.7%+10    
400.00Ω 0.1%+10    
4.0000KΩ 0.1%+10    
40.000KΩ 0.1%+10    
400.00KΩ 0.1%+10    
4Hz~99.99Hz 0.05Hz    
100Hz~5kHz 0.5Hz    
5KHz~30KHz 2Hz    
-50~1300 0.3~1    

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