MS6908 (5 in 1 stud + NCV + Metal + Socket tester + GFCI)

♦Applicable decorate wallboard in the home or bureaux.
♦Wooden pillar and metal stud detection.
♦Metal pipe detection.
♦AC voltage detection.
♦3 wire circuit socket test.(MS6908)
♦GFCI  test.(MS6908)
♦LCD  dynamic indication and vocality indication.
♦Fully automatic operation.
♦Warning for low battery.
♦Operation environment:0~50℃  50%RH

Detection  deepness Wallboard  thickness Remark
0~0.5cm  0.5~2cm  
Wooden pillar / Metal stud ≥3cm 2~3cm non-metal and dry Wallboard 
Metal pipe 6cm 6cm
AC voltage(50~600V) ≥20cm ≥20cm

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