♦20M/60M measurement option
♦Start point selection
♦Computes areas and volume
♦Sum of lengths
♦Measures in imperial/metric
♦5 groups of value in memory
♦Backlight and laser indicator
♦Key sound,beeps for wrong reading finding and reading confirmation
♦Auto/manual power off option
♦Low battery indication
♦Measuringsensitivity adjustable
♦Measuring temperature
specifications R841 R851 R861
Work elements Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Laser
Measuring Range 0.5~20m Single Unit:0.5~20m(20inch~65feet) 0.3~60m
20inch~65feet Double Unit:1.0~60m(36inch~197feet)  
Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±2mm
Measure In Imperial Metric
Operation Condition 0~40℃ 30~70%RH 0~40℃ 30~70%RH 0~40℃
Measureement function Length,Area,Volume Length,Area,Volume Length,Area,Volume 
Pythagorean Theorem
Data Store/recall
Laser Class 2 2 2
Triangulation Measurement    
Low Battery Indication
Sum Of Length
Auto/Manual Shut Off
LCD Backlight Selection
Measuring Benchmark Setup
Key Sound Beeps For Wrong 
Reading And Reading Confirmation
General Characteristics
Power 9V Alkaline Battery 9V Alkaline Battery 2x1.5V LR6(AA)
Product Weight 205g 315g 217g
Product Size 150mmx75mmx46mm 150mmx75mmx46mm 129mmx69mmx40mm
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