Moisture Meter MS6900

♦Automatically Temperature Corrected (ATC) Readings when used with the temperature probe
♦Automatic and manual measurement
♦Maximun and minimun values inquiry function
♦Storage data functiong
♦Relative measurement
♦Graphics and digital combination display the current environment. humidity and water of wood
♦Battery low voltage display
♦Auto power of after 10 minutes without no key pressed
♦Backlight function
Using conditions Work conditions: -10~50(14~122)
Storage conditions:-40~70(-40~158)
Wood Moisture level Measuring principle  Electrical resistance 
Temperature measuring principle NTC temperature sensor
Relative humidy measuring principle Humidity sensor
Measurement depth 0~50mm
Sampling rate Wood Moisture leve: 0.5S/times
Humidity: 0.5S/times
Accuracy ±1 character (normal temperature: 25)
Conductivity measurement ±1%(0~100%)
Resolution 0.1%, 0.1,0.1,0.1%RH
Unit conversion: Temperature /
Humidity   % ,td (dew point: Dew point),WB (wet bulb)
Display 21/2 LCD display,With analog bar display
Battery:  2x1.5 AAA
Battery life: 200 hours continuous (backlight off)
Standby for 1 year

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