♦Optical Resolution (D:S) (30:1)
♦Wide temperature measurement range
♦Laser target pointer
♦Readout is ℉&℃ selectable
♦Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃ or 0.1℉
♦LCD with double temperature display and 4 bits
♦MAX(highest), MIN(lowest),DIF(difference),and AVG(average) temperature display
♦Emissivity adjustable (0.10 to 1.00)
♦High-temp,and low-temp.alarm.
♦Data recording (record up to 100 group of data)
♦Response time: 500 msec
♦Laser power: Less than 1 milli watt
♦Optical Response: 8 um to 14 um
♦Working Voltage: 9V battery
♦Dimensions:Length 140x56x90
♦Weight: 500g
♦Accessories:Leather bag x1.9V battery(6F22)x1


Specifications  MS6540A
Temperature Range -32 to 850(-25 to 1562)
>510 ±1.5% of the reading
50~510 ±1.5% of the reading+1
15~50 ±1.5% of the reading+2
-32~15 ±3
Repeat error <±0.5% of the reading

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