Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter R827

♦Temperature and humidity sensor
♦ON/OFF button
♦Temperature and humidity switch button
♦Hold reading button
♦Battery compartment
♦Battery door
specifications R817 R827 R837
Temperature Range -10℃~50℃ -10℃~50℃ -10℃~50℃
Humidity Range 10%RH~99%RH 10%RH~99%RH 10%RH~99%RH
Accuracy of Temperature ±1℃±1.8°F ±1℃±1.8°F ±1℃±1.8°F
Accuracy of Humidity ±5%(10~99%) ±3%(30~99%) ±5%(10~30%) ±3%(30~95%) ±5%(10~30%)
℃/°F Selection
Auto Manual Power Shut Off
Low Battery Indication
Data Hold
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Humidity Resolution 0.1%HR 0.1%HR 0.1%HR
Sampling Rate 2times/sec 2times/sec 1.5times/sec
Max/Min Function    
Large LCD Temperature&Humidity Dual Display    
General Characteristics
Power 9V Battery or DC Adapter
Product Weight 170g 194g 194g
Product Size 234mmx70mmx24.5mm 207mmx70mmx29mm 207mmx70mmx29mm
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