♦Electronic Condenser Microphone.
♦LCD Display.
♦Power switch.
♦Level range control switch:30dB~80dB;50dB~100dB;60dB~110dB;80dB~130dB.
♦Maximum value hold switch.(MAX)
♦Frequency weighting select switch.
A:A weighting for general sound level Measurements.
C:C- weighting for checking the low frequency content of noise.
♦Time weighting select switch. Fast: For normal measurements. Slow: For checking average level of fluctuating noise.
♦AC output terminal:0.707 Vrms Corresponding to each range step.
♦DC out put terminal:output 10mV/dB.
♦Calibration control.
♦External DC 9V power supply terminal.
♦Battery door.
♦Tripod mounting screw.
Specification R814 R824 R844
Measuring Range 30~130dBA 30~130dBA 30~130dBA
  35~130dgBC 35~130dgBC 35~130dgBC
Accuracy ±1.5dB ±1.5dB ±1.5dB
Frequency Range 31.5Hz~8.5KHz 31.5Hz~8.5KHz 31.5Hz~8.5KHz
Linearity Range 50dB 50dB 50dB
AC/DC Output
Low Battery Indication
Over Range Indication
Digit&Resolution 5Digits&0.1dB 5Digits&0.1dB 5Digits&0.1dB
Time Weighting Selection Fast/Slow Fast/Slow Fast/Slow
Microphone 1/2inch Electret Condense Microphone
Frquency Weighting A&C A&C A&C
Sound Measuring Level Selection
Max Hold Function
Sampling Frequency 2times/sec 2times/sec 2times/sec
USB Transimission    
General Characteristics
Power 9V Battery or DC Adapter AA 6V(Alkaline or DC Adapter AA 6V(Alkaline or DC Adapter
Product Weight 178g 300g 300g
Product Size 207mmx70mmx29mm 265mmx70mmx35mm 210mmx72mmx32mm
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