♦Conformance to IEC61010-1 CATIII 1000V
♦Large 6600 Counts LCD display
♦Auto Range and manual range
♦True RMS for AC Voltage and Current
♦Voltage/Current linear frequency measurement
♦AC Voltage,AC Current with 1K Hz 1 low passed 1 filter
♦Max,Min,AVG Value and record up to 100 data
♦Insulantion measure range 0.01MΩ to 2GΩ
♦Test Voltage 50V/100V/250V/500V/1000V
♦Live circuit detection
♦PI and DAR function
Multimeter Range Accuracy
DCV 660mV/6.6V/66V/660V/1000V ±0.2%
ACV TRMS 660mV/6.6V/66V/660V/750V ±2%
DC Current 60mA/400mA ±0.3%
AC Current 60mA/400mA ±1.5%
Resistance 660Ω/66KΩ/660KΩ/6.6MΩ ±1%
66MΩ ±2%
Capacitance 6.6n/66n/660n/6.6u/66u ±3%
660u/6.6mF/66mF ±3%
Temperature -30~1000 ±2
Output Voltage Range Accuracy
50V(0% to 20%) 0~50MΩ ±3%
100V(0% to 20%) 0~100MΩ ±3%
250V(0% to 20%) 0~250MΩ ±3%
500V(0% to 20%) 0~500MΩ ±3%
1000V(0% to 20%) 0~2.0GΩ ±3%

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