♦ON/OFF key:press once to power on,again to power off.
♦USB DATA interface.
♦LCD display.
♦Connecting wire.
Specification R846 R856 R856A
Temperature Range -10℃~45℃(±2℃) -10℃~45℃(±2℃) -10℃~45℃(±2℃)
Air Veiocity Meauring Range 0.3~45m/s 0.3~45m/s 0.3~45m/s
Wind volume Range 0~999900m3/min 0~999900m3/min 0~999900m3/min
℃/ F Selection
Accuracy of temperature ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃
Accuracy of Air Velocity ±3%±0.1dgt ±3%±0.1dgt ±3%±0.1dgt
Auto Power Off
Air Veiocity Unit M/s,Ft/min,Knots M/s,Ft/min,Knots M/s,Ft/min,Knots
km/hr,Mph km/hr,Mph km/hr,Mph
Back light
Max/Min Air Veiocity Measuring Average And Current Air
Veiocity Measuring
Resolution 0.1m/s 0.2℃ 0.1m/s 0.2℃ 0.1m/s 0.2℃
Data Hold Function
USB transmission
IR Thermometer     -50℃~300℃
General Characteristics
Power 9V Alkaline Battery
Product Weight 240g 280g 300
Product Size 175mmx165mmx50mm
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