Data Logger M600

Multi-function data logger is a new instrument designed for the actual demand of various industrial site, which integrating display, processing, records, calibration, accumulate, alarm functions etc. It can be used to measure the voltage, low current (0-24mA), high current (0 ~ 600A), temperature (thermocouple), temperature (thermal resistance RTD), etc.

♦Up to 16000 data record point
♦USB port connect to PC to browse the recording data, and generation curve, export the file with TXT/excel format.
♦Maximum/minimun display and alarm function
♦Low power indication, Auto sleep and wake up function
♦Online mode log more than 16000 point
♦Receive various input signal as thermocouple, RTD, current and voltage etc.
♦Long battery life: 3 year (measure and record each 1 hour)
♦IP65 or IP40 housing
♦Magnetic mounting
♦Upper and lower alarms seting
♦Mini USB port connector
♦Power failure do not lost log data
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Specifications M600
Temperature (internal NTC) -30~+60 ±1
Humidity 20~90%RH ±3%RH
Voltage DC 0~10V ±0.02V
AC 0~600V ±1.0V
 Current DC 0~24mA ±0.05mA
Current (external clamp head) AC/DC 0~600A ±1~2.5%
(external thermocouple)
K J -200~1000 ±0.4%
include cold junction compensate 
Temperature (external RTD) PT100 -200~1000 
PT1000 -200~1000
±0.5%, ±0.5
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